Working Toward Something Good Paid off

When my wife called me that she was getting a raise at work, I was so relieved. She’s working toward getting one for a long time, and I have been doing the same. We have been scraping by between the two of us for a long time, then living on semi-adequate salaries. Now, we’re doing really well with her new raise. One of the things we hoped to do was to wait for a year and then look at luxury apartments in Atlanta GA if either one of us got a raise, and now it looks like we will have that chance!

We both think we wasted a lot of time when we were young and first married. We focused on working jobs that weren’t getting us very far in life, and we spent a lot of time doing nothing to better that. We also spent a lot of money on silly things like expensive coffees at coffee shops, expensive restaurant meals and other things that we really didn’t need. Buying a coffee machine and making our own coffee at home turned out to be one of the best things we did! We eat at home now, and we make sure we only purchase things that are really necessary. Just a month ago, I was happy to learn that I was getting a raise, too. This put us over the top with happiness. We had saved enough that we felt we didn’t need to wait a year to go apartment hunting. We wanted to take our time to look for something that would look good, be a great place to come home to spend time in luxury and still be very affordable. This is a big city, so finding a pace like that was not very hard to find at all around here.

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