Why Chiropractic Medicine Helps Back Pain and Other Body Processes

i go see a chiropractor to be able to keep working and playing at the level I want to. Things rarely take care of themselves. You usually have to do something to get the results you want. For the things I can control, I do something about it. One thing I can do something about is treating my chronic back pain. I cannot make it go away and stay away, but I can get it treated by my Campbell chiropractor every time it starts to act up.

If you have ever used a garden hose, you are going to understand my analogy of how I look at the causes of my chronic back pain. If you step on or kink a garden hose, the water flow is slowed or even stopped. You have nerve fibers that travel out through your spinal column through the bony areas to all parts of your body. They provide two-way communication with your brain for everything from a signal to make you hungry or thirsty to signals to walk and breathe. Those nerve fibers react negatively to pressure on them where there should not be any. They can be like that garden hose that gets stepped on or kinked.

When the nerve fiber has pressure on it, the proper signals do not move as they should, and irritation of the nerve fiber itself begins. This leads to pain and even has an affect on the body parts that are served by the irritated nerves. So, your back can hurt if the nerves for say your digestion are irritated, and your digestion can be all out of whack because the signals do not flow correctly. This is why I go to my Campbell chiropractor. I can get adjustments to make my spine work as optimally as it can given my own unique circumstances. I go and come out feeling better. Isn’t that the whole point of why we go to see a doctor in the first place?

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