We Like Our Comfortable Lewisville, Texas Apartment a Whole Lot

I have liked everything about Texas that I have discovered since we moved here a few years ago. We now live in apartments in Lewisville that we like very much. I like the colors and textures of Texas and just how spread out everything is. I like seeing red stone tile floors and so much stone and earthy materials used in construction. I like the curvy lines of adobe style structures, white stucco and other such looks as well. There is such a mix of south of the border designs with touches of things that trace back to merry old England.

We have a great apartment. The open fireplace is viewable from all sides, and the nine-foot ceilings give you that open Texas feel you would expect. I used to live in a super cramped place in the northeast United States. They called it a studio apartment, and I paid more for it per month than I do for this two bedroom place in Lewisville. My wife and I really enjoy our apartment. There are common areas we use for entertaining friends and family, and we like our neighbors. I thought that neighbors for apartment living would be a problem. We actually have a good bunch of people around us.

Our apartment has a computer niche in the master bedroom. It is quiet place we both share. Having a washer and dryer in an actual utility room that has space for other things is also nice. No more stacked washer/dryer for us. Those are a pain as you still need to go to the laundromat to wash bed linens. Speaking of linens, we actually have a linen closet in our apartment. There are spaces for the things we use tastefully designed into our apartment. This gets rid of clutter and keeps our apartment looking great.

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