We Are Blessed with This Apartment

When my sister suggested that the two of us look at apartments in North Charleston to see if we could find a nice one for the both of us, I thought it was a great idea. We were both single, and our children were grown and out raising their own children. We spent nearly every day together, whether in person or on the phone, and it just made sense to pay for one household instead of two. We knew that we had to be very particular because neither one of us wanted to live in an apartment complex that caters to the younger crowds.

We just wanted a nice and quiet place for the two of us, and we were really surprised to find an apartment that not only met what our expectations but exceeded them. We were hoping to find a quiet, two bedroom apartment, and we knew that we would probably have to settle on one with one bathroom. That is why what we ended up with is something neither one of us could have ever expected. We found it at Crowfield Green, and the price is so much lower than what we expected too, which is the biggest blessing of all for us.

First off, we did get our two bedrooms. That was important. But, we also got two bathrooms. My sister took the room with the private bath since she does have some medical issues and required being a lot closer to the bathroom than me. My own bathroom is just a few short steps outside my bedroom door though. We also have a one car garage, a large porch, and a great room. We are getting all of this for less than what i was paying for my one bedroom apartment. See why we consider ourselves so blessed?

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