Upgrading from a Studio Apartment to a Luxury Apartment

I have been working my way up at the law firm where I have worked for the past five years. Finally, I have been offered a junior partnership. To say I’m excited is an understatement. Of course, along with this promotion comes a generous pay raise. I’ve been living in a studio apartment going on four years now, so I believe it’s finally time for me to look for luxury apartments in South Charlotte NC. I feel as excited as a little kid at Christmas and can’t wait to find my new home.

I already have a few places in mind that some of my colleagues have recommended for me to look at. I made a few phone calls and set up some appointments for this coming weekend to take a look at a few luxury apartment communities. The days seemed to drag on before the first appointment. I was in awe as I arrived at the first apartment community. The landscaping was impeccable and was absolutely beautiful. The leasing agent greeted me as soon as I walked into the office and made me feel comfortable and at ease. She started by giving me a tour of a two bedroom apartment. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we first walked into the apartment. This was the most luxurious apartment I have ever set my eyes on. The rooms seemed so big with the nine-foot ceilings. There were built in bookcases and even a full-size dining room. The kitchen had the most up to date appliances and gorgeous countertops I have ever seen. But I think the one feature that really made up my mind was the custom claw foot soaking tub. At the conclusion of the tour, I signed a lease and wrote a check for the first month’s rent and security deposit. I can’t wait to move into my new home.

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