They Helped Clean My Uncle’s Apartment

When my uncle passed away, we were pretty shocked at the state of his apartment. He has always been pretty isolated, and he would come visit us rather than let us visit him. We never thought much about that, but we finally understood why when we went to clean out his apartment after the funeral. We were shocked at how messy it was. That is actually an understatement, because there was food piled up from weeks prior to our arrival. I immediately went to so I could look on their website to see if they would even handle something like this.

I knew that we needed professional help because it was just too much for my sister and I to handle. The place was messy in spots and utterly filthy in others. There was also an odor that we were not able to recognize, but we knew that the entire apartment was going to need a professional working on it. Thankfully, Kleepers does employ cleaners who will help in situations like ours. It was almost embarrassing to let someone in to see just how bad he was living, but the cleaners who came out were very sympathetic and understanding.

They tackled the apartment with fervor, and I was impressed with how quickly it started to look more like an apartment than a junk shop. I was there to go through things since there were some family items we wanted to keep, but I stayed out of their way. They would pile things by me for me to go through, but otherwise just stayed on task. The smell was soon gone, and the rooms were soon tidied. Not only was everything binned or in my car, but the rooms actually sparkled. They did a fantastic job in handling my uncle’s apartment for us!

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