The Encore is a Fabulous Apartment Complex

I wanted an apartment that had an advanced fitness facility that was open around the clock. I wanted the new fancy treadmills with the media screens. I did not want to see any old and tired gym equipment. I wanted nice amenities, and that was why I was still looking for apartments in 30339 for two solid months since I did my first search. I finally discovered The Encore, and it fit all my criteria nicely starting form the great kitchen.

These apartments are very well kept. This apartment complex is nice from its roof to its sidewalks. Inside the apartment there is a washer and dryer. I never thought I would be able to get an apartment with a washer and dryer before. Some standout features include the 9-foot ceilings and the gas range in the kitchen. With most places only offering electric stoves, it was nice to find an apartment that has a gas range. I prefer it so much for cooking as you can fine tune the height of the flame when cooking.

Everything about The Encore is grand. From the big windows that let in a lot of light to the rooftop saltwater swimming pool, everything is of premium quality. I have looked for a place like this for a long time. It was nice to find it at The Encore. They are also pet-friendly and have a covered parking deck. The amenities go on and on, and I probably have forgotten some. My apartment has a private balcony off from the dining area, and I like spending time out there when I am telecommuting. I get along great with my neighbors, and I am very glad to have made the switch to move here. I did not know that luxury living was so affordable, but The Encore is.

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