Started Shopping for Mike’s First Day in School

Win a Nintendo DS and a Dora Puppy game for your child! | Mothers ...Mike is not that excited about his first day at the headstart program, but I am all over the place getting ready for it. It is pretty melancholy for me. On the one hand I will be happy to get back to work after the past four and a half years, but I am going to miss being with my baby boy. I am going to have to live without my daily dose of Dora the Explorer and Diego too. I hardly know how to talk to adults it seems. We definitely need a second income though and I am going to be able to work a flexible schedule that will allow me to pick him up in the afternoon.

Mike went with me to pick out the clothes for his first day in school. I had already done a lot of research on the internet, looking to get some things which would be good for a child his age without being too expensive. The child outgrows shoes every time you turn around and some times he leaves his shoes in places where you never think that you shall find them. So I did not want to spend a ton of money getting Mike the nicest things in the world when I knew that he would not be able to wear them in a mere couple of months. I am really hoping that all of the clothes that his aunts and I bought him will last the entire time he is in headstart, but that does not seem very likely. I did buy everything a bit bigger than it needed to be. He has to wear a belt and roll up the bottom of his tiny jeans. I think that they shall probably last for a good five months if I am lucky.

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