My Mesa Chiropractor Really Helped My Back Pain

I have been to my primary care doctor four times this year due to pains that are popping up all over my body. My back started hurting me all the time. Mostly it was my upper back, but then my lower back wanted to join in shortly thereafter. I was like a symphony of pain at times. My left elbow would ache and ache. It hurt to move it. My right shoulder would crack and pop and ache. If I held my arm the wrong way, I would get tingling sensations in my ear of all places. A Mesa chiropractor was able to relieve me of most of the pains I was having on a daily basis. I had no idea that chiropractic would even apply to my situation, let alone actually be the answer I was looking for.

My doctor told me that all of the imaging could not show definitively what was wrong with my joints and back. However, they could see some damage to structures such as bones. They could even see what looked like an impingement of nerves and blood vessels. Chiropractic was one thing my doctor wanted me to pursue before talking about any surgeries. I was not wanting to have any surgeries whatsoever. I figured that if it came to that, then I would just put up with the pain.

After my first visit I was feeling a whole lot better. I did not know that some of those pains in my foot and toe were caused by sciatic nerve involvement of my back. It was like shutting off a pain switch when I had the manipulation done on my lower back. I was impressed enough to follow the treatment plan the Mesa chiropractor recommended for me. Now I feel a whole lot better for seeing it through.

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