My Cousin Walter’s New Home

My cousin Walter considered himself to be the ultimate bachelor. He was quite the ladies man. He had girlfriends than my brother and I combined. I wished that I had his looks and talents. Walter never thought in a million years that he would settle down and become a husband, but life happened. He met a beautiful woman named Julissa. Walter fell head over heels with her. He thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Recently, they got engaged. They wanted apartments for rent in Jackson MS. They planned to move in together and get married.

Walter and Julissa met in junior year of college. They met in the school library. Walter locked eyes with Julissa and was instantly hooked on her. Julissa was not interested in him at first. She knew of his reputation as a ladies man. Walter was very persistent in his pursuit for love. He wooed Julissa as best as he could. She eventually fell for his charming ways, They started to date each other. As time passed, they grew deeply in love with each other. One night, Walter got down on one knee and proposed to Julissa with an elegant, diamond ring. She accepted his marriage proposal.

Walter and Julissa wanted an apartment that was safe and affordable. They both wanted a apartment that was closer to their grad school. They did not want to make a long commute to school and work. Julissa wanted an apartment that was open to pet owners. She wanted a place that would accommodate her two dogs. After a long search, they eventually found the perfect place. It has enough space for two humans and two dogs. They love the new place so much. They invited my brother and I to come over for a housewarming party. I can’t wait for the wedding.

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