My Attorney is Taking Care of Everything

I have read the stats before, but I honestly never thought I would become one of them as far as car accidents go. I never go over the speed limit, I am extremely cautious when merging, and I follow traffic laws to the letter. Just because I do all of that does not mean that others are just as conscientious when it comes to driving a vehicle. A car entering the freeway decided to not merge properly and ended up hitting me, and I ended up having to contact a Sacramento auto accident attorney just so I could focus on recovering from the multiple injuries that I received.

I don’t even remember the accident. When I woke up in the hospital the next day, I was more scared than I have ever been in my life. Losing a day like that and having extensive injuries as well is frightening! I was the one who received the most injuries, so I was very thankful that no one lost their life because that could have very easily been the case. I was still in the hospital when I started getting pestered by the insurance offices.

I know they were just doing their jobs, but I honestly did not care. I just wanted to focus on me, so I took my brother’s suggestion and hired a local attorney who has a proven track record for accidents like mine. I was not looking to get rich from this. If anything, I wished I could turn back the clock so none of this would have happened. As it was, my attorney handled the insurance companies from the first day I hired him, and that was such a relief to me. He has told me to not worry about my expenses too because he is going to make sure I am taken care of. That is such a relief, because I have no idea just how long of a healing process this is going to be.

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