Moving from the East Coast to Texas Was a Good Choice for Me

When I lived up in the northeast, I had to take an apartment in a big city where I worked. I had to commute by subway, and go home to an apartment that felt more like a phone booth. It was all that I could afford in the city. It had no amenities other than your basic things you need to live. I had to lug my clothes to a laundry room in the basement, and there was no gym or nice common areas. When I moved to Texas, I found North Dallas Apartments that had one-bedroom and more room than the place I was living in, and it cost about half as much rent.

I was able to save a lot of money every month and still have a bigger apartment. I even have a balcony that has storage. The kitchen cabinets and the flooring are all in a design scheme that is really pleasing to my eye. I really like the oak color of the cabinets. I could tell the place had a lot of appeal for those who have a flair at decorating. That is not me, so I enlisted some help of others who know how to make your living space look great. Now that the apartment is done, I realized that I could fit the stuff I had from my apartment in the northeast into this place all in one room.

The place has three swimming pools on the grounds. There is plenty of space here to stretch your legs. Plus, it is a dog-friendly apartment. I have been wanting to adopt a dog from the local animal shelter for a long time. Now I could actually do it. This new home was presenting me with new opportunities that I was very happy to have. I was glad to be out of that postage stamp sized apartment back east.

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