Living in Maryland is a Dream Come True

My husband was stationed at Andrews Air Force Base shortly after we were married. We lived in housing there, and I simply fell in love with the area. We have lived in several other places, but none of the other towns or cities quite measured up to Prince George’s County in Maryland. My husband felt the same way, so we decided that we wanted to look at our options there when he finally retired a few years ago. He looked at job opportunities there while I looked at the best apartments in Forestville MD.

That is a neighboring town, and it was one where I spent a lot of time when we had lived on the base. I was hoping that he would actually be able to get a job on the base itself, because Forestville is only a few miles from it. When he did just that, we were both so happy because I had found a great apartment complex for us to call home. We knew that we would eventually buy a house and settle down for the first time since we have been married, but we did not want to rush anything.

Instead, we chose the apartment that is at the Park Village apartment complex. It only takes my husband about ten minutes to get to work now, and I have found a part time job that I can walk to. The apartment complex is really nice too. The rooms are large, and the scenery here is just beautiful. We are going to live here for at least a couple of years, and then we will start looking for a house. Right now, just living the simple life is plenty good for both of us. It is the first time we will have been in the same area for more than a short period of time, and that is paradise to us both.

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