Leaning Online is Very Comforting

I was not happy to learn that I was going to have to take another class in order to keep my job. The duties of my new position were going to change, and as a result I was going to have to go back to school and take a class that would allow me to do my position in a more efficient way than had been done in the past. I had to go to https://physicstuitionsg.com in order to take the class. I was not too upset about the fact that I was going to have to take a class from the comfort of my home. I have really bad anxiety and I used to get really nervous before I would have to speak in the class when I was a kid. My teachers thought that I was not very bright because I never spoke in class. The truth was, I have a very high IQ but I never talked because I was afraid of saying something that was not right or foolish.

Taking a class online would allow me the chance to speak out loud, but on an online message board where people would not be looking at me when I wanted to say something and that would help me feel better about myself. Feeling good about yourself at my age, forty, is really important to me because I would like to feel very confident when I speak up. Although it will be easier for me to say something while I am actually responding online to questions, I still feel like I will always have the worry about saying something that someone may not agree with. When people get high and mighty about what they are saying, it makes me feel insignificant and makes me feel like I may not know what I am speaking about.

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