I Wanted to Save Our Relationship

I needed some relationship advice, but I wasn’t getting any great words of wisdom from my friends. They all felt that I should stop beating a dead horse, but I was not convinced that my relationship with my boyfriend was without hope. We had our problems, but I knew that we both loved each other and could get past them. I decided to look online one day for the best dating advice that I could find from experts, and it completely changed how I approached my relationship with him.

I was able to read up on some things that I had no idea about. I really have never had guy friends, so all of my advice and tips were from other girls. They obviously have never had close guy friends either since we are a pretty tight group and have the same friends. Because of this, we were missing a key piece of the relationship puzzle. Guys and girls are simply different, but we were treating them as if they thought the same way that we do. It seems really obvious when I spelled it out for them, but it was something we had all missed in each of our relationships.

I started reading up on how guys think, and it really made me realize quite a few things about our time together. When I thought he was being insensitive, he was just showing me how he cares in another way. While guys can be emotional at times, I read that girls are wired differently and end up being a lot more emotional about things. I am not going to say things changed overnight, but it truly did seem like it. Now that I was armed with knowledge, I knew exactly what I needed to do to save my relationship with the guy I love.

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