I Wanted to Fit in at the Raves

When I first started dating my husband, we both agreed that the term ‘opposites attract’ definitely fit the two of us. I loved country music while he was into raves. I enjoyed vacationing at the beach while he wanted to go to the mountains. I am a vegetarian, and he needs meat at every meal, including snacks! Somehow though, we clicked, and we have been together for nearly 10 years now. We have learned to appreciate each other’s passions too, which is why I found myself looking for rave clothing a few years ago.

I had gone to some with him, and I actually liked the music a good bit. What enthralled me even more though was the other people who were there too. I saw that this was as much about unique fashions as it was about the music. I talked with some other women who were wearing some really nice rave clothing to see where they had bought their pieces from. I knew that it was not from the local department stores, because I had never seen anything like this clothing at any of them.

The colors were so bright, and I really liked the shirts and dresses that actually glowed in the dark too. The designs on the tees were really interesting and fun, and the accessories were out of this world. I knew that I wanted to create my own style so I would fit in more. Wearing street clothes to a rave is okay, but it definitely makes a person feel out of place too! The women told me where they shop for their rave clothes, and I was in seventh heaven when I saw all the choices when I went to the website. I buy new pieces on a regular basis, and now I have others coming up to me at raves for fashion advice!

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