I Needed a New Start

I thought the best way to handle my money problems was to just ignore them. I stopped answering my phone, and I would throw all the bills I could not pay into one pile. I figured I could outlast them, but I was not counting on them having the power that they did. When one collection company threatened to garnish my wages, I knew that I was in a lot of trouble. I was barely making it as it was, so I decided that was the right time to see about a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer.

I admit that I was ashamed going in there, because I knew that I had brought this on myself. If I had talked with the bill collectors, perhaps some type of arrangement could have been worked out so it would not have gotten to this point. I knew that if they took even a small percentage of my pay, I would end up losing my car or my utilities at home, because I had no extra money at all. I was afraid, which is why I wanted to talk with a professional about it.

It was easy for me to pick Amerio Law because they were able to give me a free consultation over the phone to see if bankruptcy was even the right way to go. When it was determined that it was, I was able to get in there quickly so I could stop the collection process. I found out that I actually had more than one option since I had no expendable money. It would be different if I had the money and just chose to not pay. It was the opposite though, where I wanted to pay but had no money. The law firm was able to help me to where my wages were not garnished, and I was able to declare bankruptcy and get the fresh new start that I desperately needed.

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