I Need a Fast Connection for Streaming

I was not happy with the company that was providing me with Internet service. Their prices were going up every one to two years, but I was not getting any better service or even more perks to it. I know some people have very little choice in the companies that provide their Internet service, but thankfully I was not in an area where I was limited to just one choice. I looked at everything available to me, and I made the switch to ATT Internet within days of deciding I was not going to keep paying more for my Internet.

I just wanted to make sure that the service I was signing up with was going to be equivalent or better than the one I was leaving. I do a lot of streaming on my Internet connection because I don’t have a TV. I was going to get one a couple of years ago, but I wasn’t impressed with the channel lineup for the local cable company. I had options there too, including streaming services where I can not only watch my favorite TV shows, but I can also watch movies that were at the theaters not long ago too.

Since I do watch a lot of this type of programming, I wanted to make sure that my connection was going to be a high speed one. I used to have dial up years ago, and I did not want to have to suffer through anything like that again. I would rather pay the extra money to my former company, but it turns out that was not necessary. I saw I would have no problem streaming or doing any of the other things I like to do, so I made the switch. Not only am I paying less money now, but I am getting better service now too!

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