I Love That I’m Learning About Other Places Now

Having lived all of my life in New Mexico, I previously did not get a chance to see much of the country that I live in. My husband has changed all that for me. After we married, I moved to his state so that we could look for one bedroom apartments in Wichita KS together. Our two states couldn’t be more different, and I have learned to absolutely love his home state. Kansas is a beautiful place in so many ways, and I will admit that I didn’t know much about it until I met him. He tells me often about the bucolic childhood he had when growing up here, and that’s something I never had where I grew up.

I’ve always lived in a city that seemed so loud and fast to me when I was growing up. I dreamed of visiting other quieter states, but my parents were not very interested in traveling. When my siblings and I tried to rally together to get our parents to take us camping, they had no interest in that either. They simply staying firmly in one spot and didn’t care about learning about other people and places. One of the things that I loved immediately about my new husband is that he says that he has always made a point to learn about other places and the people around the country.

I felt like a wide-eyed school girl the first time I took a flight to meet him. It was partially because I was meeting him the first time, but it was also because it was the first time I had ever flown in a plane or left my state. He took me all around his city, and he promised me that he would take me to even more places after we married. He has been true to his word. Every few months we jump in the car and drive to a new city for short weekend trips.

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