I Ended Up with an Even Better Place to Live

The last thing I wanted to focus on was finding a new place to live. I did not have a choice though. The house I had been living in was an older one, and I guess the old wiring is what caused the fire that displaced me. I was able to stay with a friend immediately afterwards, but I wanted to find a new place to live since the house was pretty much a loss. I decided to look at an apt in San Antonio after a long internal debate on whether I wanted to rent another house or make the move to an apartment.

I had made a list of the pros and cons of each, and the pros for getting an apartment rather than another house rental was just a longer list. One of the reasons why it was an easy choice is because the rental houses are typically older, whereas I would only look at the newer apartment complexes. That meant the wiring would be much better, and I would not have to worry about an electrical fire due to bad wiring. I looked at different complexes in the area, and I was actually impressed with what all is included when you become a tenant at one.

I had never been to an apartment complex before, as all of my friends own their own homes. It was a surprise to see that there are a lot of amenities available, both individually in each apartment as well as for the entire community. My favorite community one is the pool, because my gym does not have one. That is another thing too. I’ve been able to cancel my membership since there is a great gym here at the apartment complex. My apartment is more modern, I have great neighbors, I don’t have to mow the grass, and the rent is even cheaper. I’m definitely happier here!

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