Finding the Best Kids Fashion

Dora The Explorer’ Gets A New VoiceWith the beginning of school just around the corner, I have to make my annual trek to the stores to pick up clothes for my kids. It is remarkable how much has changed in the last couple of years when it comes to this annual tradition.

When my son started school five years ago, you could not get him to sit still long enough to go into a store to shop for clothes. If he did go with you, he was always so wired that it was virtually impossible to find anything. My daughter was much more patient at first, but she was too hard to please. It was a shopping experience that I always dreaded.

However, in the last two or three years, something started to change. As they got a bit older, they started to take more interest in what they were wearing to school. Of course, a lot of this change is due to peer pressure, as kids want to dress a certain way in order to fit in. It seems that the days of trying to wear the same outfit for a solid week were long gone.

With this newfound interest in clothes, I knew I needed to get a little help in trying to make sure that they stayed up-to-date. As a mother, I really do want what is best for them, and I think that that means keeping up with the latest styles in kids clothes. Children can be cruel, and I do not want my kids teased because they are wearing outdated clothes.

Therefore, I am taking a look at the latest reviews and trends that are shaping kids clothes. Brands such Lately Lily and Beatrix New York are making adorable clothes and accessories that are right on trend. The kids seem to love the stuff, and I am one happy mom.

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