Finding a Great Place to Live in Charlotte

When we wanted a new apartment we drove around just looking at what was available in a few neighborhoods we thought we would like to live in. We saw so many places for rent. There were houses, apartment buildings, duplexes and a whole lot more. There were so many places when we searched online for apartments in 30339 that we were overwhelmed with choices. I joked that it would be a lot easier if there were only two places other than where we lived that were for rent. Choices are nice, but it makes your search for the perfect apartment a bit tedious.

We kept on looking online, and then we would go and take a look at the places on a Sunday drive to see if it really looked like the pictures that were posted. If the grounds were well cared for, we would sometimes arrange a tour of one of the apartments and the other amenities. If we spied some people living there that looked shady, we just kept on driving. You know what I mean if you have ever lived in an apartment complex. Even the luxury places can have their issues, so you want to be choosy. Then we discovered the Overton Rise apartments, and we were really pleased.

The entire complex looked great. It was superbly landscaped and groomed outside, and everything looked new as we drove around. We stopped and asked some questions and got to see an apartment that was available. The interior was really nice. It was new and cleaned so well that I could not tell if someone had lived there before or not. That is what you want when you pick an apartment to live in. The pool with its shelf areas for tanning is a neat feature. The kitchen in our apartment looks exactly like what I would have built if we had designed our own home. It has stainless steel appliances and dark cabinets that are strikingly beautiful. Yes, we had found our perfect place to live.

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