Considering My Job, Student Loan Debt and My Housing and Transportation Budget

I got a great job just out of college. I had not even officially graduated when I was offered a position at a company I frankly thought I would not ever get a job at. However, I have a stack of student loans and I am not one to let stuff just wait to be paid. I started looking at College Park apartments for a place that was affordable and would cut down on my two hour commute to work every day. That is, two hours there and two hours back! It was wearing me out, especially since we had many 12 and 16 hour days.

Where I work the new people take the brunt of the force of the job as far as any negatives are concerned. I noticed that if you can handle it, you get to move up. You do have to be a go-getter, but you can relax a bit once you get your own office. The reason I know this is because I have a friend who started with them a little over a year before me. He put in his time in the trenches, and not he can actually go home after eight hours. Well, sometimes it is 10, but he says he likes his job a lot. I am still doing the corporate grunt work, but I am making good money. I rented a studio apartment at The Pad on Harvard. It is really nice and is actually very comfortable. It is a studio apartment, but it is not like a dorm at all. I have a kitchen, bathroom and separated living and bedroom areas. It really is a nice place. I chose it because of its cost, and that allows me to put a lot more money toward paying off my student loan debt. Within a year I will have paid off almost half of it while still being able to own a car!

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