Coming out on Top Against the Competition

I opened a pizza restaurant 8 years ago and since then it has grown into 4 locations. These locations compete with not only the other pizza chains, but other restaurant locations. I hired a chief data officer from a data consultant company to create a winning strategy that would put the other pizza companies to shame and make my business the number one spot for people who are hungry. The strategy that the officer came up with resulted into some changes that were a bit extraordinary, but they worked in the end.

First the menu was shortened for the locations to let customers have an easier time when choosing their foods. If there are too many choices on the menu, then people will take a long time because they won’t know what they want to eat. This has happened a lot to me when I have gone to one of my own restaurant locations, and it’s a bit annoying, not only to me, but to the other people who are also waiting in line. The strategy also introduced some healthy options for existing menu items. Some people want a pizza experience, but don’t want to have all of the calories or fat associated with it.

People were more receptive to the changes than I thought they would be, especially the healthy options. A lot of people these days are getting into healthy eating, and they loved to have their pizza with ingredients like spinach and feta cheese. I like to have one of these pizza from time to time, but there are also some times when I prefer to have a pizza that is just a classic pepperoni and mozzarella. There’s nothing wrong with the classics, and there’s nothing wrong with a little change, as long as they don’t conflict with each other.

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