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My Brother Needed Landscaping Done on His Property

When my brother asked me if I would help him landscape his yard, I had to decline. He wanted to know why I would do my own yard but not his, and I had to laugh because I don’t do my own yard. I take care of the flowers on my porch, but that is about it. I have a tree service in Nassau County that designed my entire landscape for me, and they are also the ones who take care of it for me. I did tell my brother that I would give him their name and number though because I knew he would not like how his yard looked if I did it.

He contacted them right away, and it turned out that he needed a tree service anyway. He later told me that he never would have thought to contact a tree service to take care of his landscaping needs, and I had to admit to the same. They do a beautiful job though, and I knew that they would make his yard look just as beautiful. With mine, they added several trees, and I knew that he wanted the same done for his yard.

His yard is a lot bigger than mine, so I had a feeling he was going to really love what they did with it. I knew that they could do patios and walkways, outdoor lighting, plants and mulch, and even retaining walls. The sky really does seem to be the limit for them. When I saw my brother’s yard even before they were done, I really liked the landscaping ideas they had designed for him. It actually made me want more with my own property, so they are scheduled to come out in a few weeks to talk to me about it. I can’t wait!

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Coming out on Top Against the Competition

I opened a pizza restaurant 8 years ago and since then it has grown into 4 locations. These locations compete with not only the other pizza chains, but other restaurant locations. I hired a chief data officer from a data consultant company to create a winning strategy that would put the other pizza companies to shame and make my business the number one spot for people who are hungry. The strategy that the officer came up with resulted into some changes that were a bit extraordinary, but they worked in the end.

First the menu was shortened for the locations to let customers have an easier time when choosing their foods. If there are too many choices on the menu, then people will take a long time because they won’t know what they want to eat. Continue reading

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I Wanted to Save Our Relationship

I needed some relationship advice, but I wasn’t getting any great words of wisdom from my friends. They all felt that I should stop beating a dead horse, but I was not convinced that my relationship with my boyfriend was without hope. We had our problems, but I knew that we both loved each other and could get past them. I decided to look online one day for the best dating advice that I could find from experts, and it completely changed how I approached my relationship with him.

I was able to read up on some things that I had no idea about. I really have never had guy friends, so all of my advice and tips were from other girls. Continue reading

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I Have a Very Clean House Now

When I moved to my first apartment, the one thing that I really disliked was cleaning. I had to do it myself because I was pretty poor at the time. I had vowed to myself though that when I was making the kind of money that would put me on Easy Street, one of the first things I was going to do was find a company that does cleaning services in Singapore. It is not that I am lazy, because I am anything but that. I just prefer to use my energy on things that I am passionate about, and cleaning is not one of those things.

I never was able to hire a cleaning person at my apartment, but that was many years ago now too. Continue reading

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He is Enjoying His Physics Tutoring

I have heard a lot of adults tell young people to enjoy their youth and to quit trying to grow up too quickly. I imagine these people also have no kids of their own. In today’s times, it is nearly impossible for a child to not feel pressure in some or even a lot of areas of his life. My son is very smart and he is also athletic, so he is being pulled in two different directions. Sometimes he needs help with the academics because of this. I looked into physics tuition when I thought that he was going to having trouble.

Because of all the pressures that he is under, I do monitor his various activities. I know that he adores sports, but I also know that it is his academic ability that is going to take him places. Continue reading

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They Helped Clean My Uncle’s Apartment

When my uncle passed away, we were pretty shocked at the state of his apartment. He has always been pretty isolated, and he would come visit us rather than let us visit him. We never thought much about that, but we finally understood why when we went to clean out his apartment after the funeral. We were shocked at how messy it was. That is actually an understatement, because there was food piled up from weeks prior to our arrival. I immediately went to so I could look on their website to see if they would even handle something like this.

I knew that we needed professional help because it was just too much for my sister and I to handle. The place was messy in spots and utterly filthy in others. Continue reading

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Leaning Online is Very Comforting

I was not happy to learn that I was going to have to take another class in order to keep my job. The duties of my new position were going to change, and as a result I was going to have to go back to school and take a class that would allow me to do my position in a more efficient way than had been done in the past. I had to go to in order to take the class. I was not too upset about the fact that I was going to have to take a class from the comfort of my home. I have really bad anxiety and I used to get really nervous before I would have to speak in the class when I was a kid. My teachers thought that I was not very bright because I never spoke in class. The truth was, I have a very high IQ but I never talked because I was afraid of saying something that was not right or foolish.

Taking a class online would allow me the chance to speak out loud, but on an online message board where people would not be looking at me when I wanted to say something and that would help me feel better about myself. Feeling good about yourself at my age, forty, is really important to me because I would like to feel very confident when I speak up. Although it will be easier for me to say something while I am actually responding online to questions, I still feel like I will always have the worry about saying something that someone may not agree with. When people get high and mighty about what they are saying, it makes me feel insignificant and makes me feel like I may not know what I am speaking about.

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My Cousin Walter’s New Home

My cousin Walter considered himself to be the ultimate bachelor. He was quite the ladies man. He had girlfriends than my brother and I combined. I wished that I had his looks and talents. Walter never thought in a million years that he would settle down and become a husband, but life happened. He met a beautiful woman named Julissa. Walter fell head over heels with her. He thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Recently, they got engaged. They wanted apartments for rent in Jackson MS. They planned to move in together and get married.

Walter and Julissa met in junior year of college. They met in the school library. Walter locked eyes with Julissa and was instantly hooked on her. Julissa was not interested in him at first. She knew of his reputation as a ladies man. Continue reading

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I Love That I’m Learning About Other Places Now

Having lived all of my life in New Mexico, I previously did not get a chance to see much of the country that I live in. My husband has changed all that for me. After we married, I moved to his state so that we could look for one bedroom apartments in Wichita KS together. Our two states couldn’t be more different, and I have learned to absolutely love his home state. Kansas is a beautiful place in so many ways, and I will admit that I didn’t know much about it until I met him. He tells me often about the bucolic childhood he had when growing up here, and that’s something I never had where I grew up.

I’ve always lived in a city that seemed so loud and fast to me when I was growing up. Continue reading

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We Like Our Comfortable Lewisville, Texas Apartment a Whole Lot

I have liked everything about Texas that I have discovered since we moved here a few years ago. We now live in apartments in Lewisville that we like very much. I like the colors and textures of Texas and just how spread out everything is. I like seeing red stone tile floors and so much stone and earthy materials used in construction. I like the curvy lines of adobe style structures, white stucco and other such looks as well. There is such a mix of south of the border designs with touches of things that trace back to merry old England.

We have a great apartment. The open fireplace is viewable from all sides, and the nine-foot ceilings give you that open Texas feel you would expect. Continue reading

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I Found a Luxury Apartment in Florida

Moving to Florida will be a huge change for me. I grew up on the West Coast, and it always lived in that region of the country. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to land a better job, so I decided to make the move and transition to this new area. I’ve been looking at various Tampa Florida apartments online. I found one apartment community that I’m interested in taking a closer look at. This apartment has so many amenities, I think that if I lived there it would be like living in a luxurious hotel.

They have the most amazing outdoor barbecue area that I’ve ever seen. Not only does it looked beautiful with the stonework and cozy chairs, but the grills look like they are state-of-the-art. Continue reading

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Moving from the East Coast to Texas Was a Good Choice for Me

When I lived up in the northeast, I had to take an apartment in a big city where I worked. I had to commute by subway, and go home to an apartment that felt more like a phone booth. It was all that I could afford in the city. It had no amenities other than your basic things you need to live. I had to lug my clothes to a laundry room in the basement, and there was no gym or nice common areas. When I moved to Texas, I found North Dallas Apartments that had one-bedroom and more room than the place I was living in, and it cost about half as much rent.

I was able to save a lot of money every month and still have a bigger apartment. Continue reading

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I Ended Up with an Even Better Place to Live

The last thing I wanted to focus on was finding a new place to live. I did not have a choice though. The house I had been living in was an older one, and I guess the old wiring is what caused the fire that displaced me. I was able to stay with a friend immediately afterwards, but I wanted to find a new place to live since the house was pretty much a loss. I decided to look at an apt in San Antonio after a long internal debate on whether I wanted to rent another house or make the move to an apartment.

I had made a list of the pros and cons of each, and the pros for getting an apartment rather than another house rental was just a longer list. Continue reading

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The Encore is a Fabulous Apartment Complex

I wanted an apartment that had an advanced fitness facility that was open around the clock. I wanted the new fancy treadmills with the media screens. I did not want to see any old and tired gym equipment. I wanted nice amenities, and that was why I was still looking for apartments in 30339 for two solid months since I did my first search. I finally discovered The Encore, and it fit all my criteria nicely starting form the great kitchen.

These apartments are very well kept. This apartment complex is nice from its roof to its sidewalks. Inside the apartment there is a washer and dryer. I never thought I would be able to get an apartment with a washer and dryer before. Some standout features include the 9-foot ceilings and the gas range in the kitchen. Continue reading

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Finding a Great Place to Live in Charlotte

When we wanted a new apartment we drove around just looking at what was available in a few neighborhoods we thought we would like to live in. We saw so many places for rent. There were houses, apartment buildings, duplexes and a whole lot more. There were so many places when we searched online for apartments in 30339 that we were overwhelmed with choices. I joked that it would be a lot easier if there were only two places other than where we lived that were for rent. Choices are nice, but it makes your search for the perfect apartment a bit tedious.

We kept on looking online, and then we would go and take a look at the places on a Sunday drive to see if it really looked like the pictures that were posted. Continue reading

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I’m Going to Live on My Own and Take Some Time to Think

Living with my girlfriend turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. I had to find a place of my own, and I finally bit the bullet and began looking at various South Charlotte apartments so that I could make that happen. I had spent too long in a bad relationship once before, and I was not willing to do that once again. I deserve better than to be disrespected over and over again. I’m not a perfect person, but I do all that I can to make sure that I don’t hurt other human beings. It was time for me to move on and be on my own or find someone who isn’t a problem.

The backstory is that I spent five years in a bad relationship prior to this last relationship that I left. I should have left much sooner, but I was trying to make things work. It took me a long time to realize that I can only work on and control myself. I can’t get other people to change when they don’t want to. Continue reading

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Working Toward Something Good Paid off

When my wife called me that she was getting a raise at work, I was so relieved. She’s working toward getting one for a long time, and I have been doing the same. We have been scraping by between the two of us for a long time, then living on semi-adequate salaries. Now, we’re doing really well with her new raise. One of the things we hoped to do was to wait for a year and then look at luxury apartments in Atlanta GA if either one of us got a raise, and now it looks like we will have that chance!

We both think we wasted a lot of time when we were young and first married. Continue reading

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Upgrading from a Studio Apartment to a Luxury Apartment

I have been working my way up at the law firm where I have worked for the past five years. Finally, I have been offered a junior partnership. To say I’m excited is an understatement. Of course, along with this promotion comes a generous pay raise. I’ve been living in a studio apartment going on four years now, so I believe it’s finally time for me to look for luxury apartments in South Charlotte NC. I feel as excited as a little kid at Christmas and can’t wait to find my new home.

I already have a few places in mind that some of my colleagues have recommended for me to look at. Continue reading

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We Are Blessed with This Apartment

When my sister suggested that the two of us look at apartments in North Charleston to see if we could find a nice one for the both of us, I thought it was a great idea. We were both single, and our children were grown and out raising their own children. We spent nearly every day together, whether in person or on the phone, and it just made sense to pay for one household instead of two. We knew that we had to be very particular because neither one of us wanted to live in an apartment complex that caters to the younger crowds. Continue reading

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Considering My Job, Student Loan Debt and My Housing and Transportation Budget

I got a great job just out of college. I had not even officially graduated when I was offered a position at a company I frankly thought I would not ever get a job at. However, I have a stack of student loans and I am not one to let stuff just wait to be paid. I started looking at College Park apartments for a place that was affordable and would cut down on my two hour commute to work every day. That is, two hours there and two hours back! It was wearing me out, especially since we had many 12 and 16 hour days.

Where I work the new people take the brunt of the force of the job as far as any negatives are concerned. I noticed that if you can handle it, you get to move up. Continue reading

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