A Home for the Modern Age

My wife and I have been on a quest to modernize our home. The home was build nearly 60 years ago, and it has gone through many owners. My wife watches a lot of show about remodeling, and she got caught up in the smart home craze. She wants to have everything connected to her smartphone. We started by installing a new thermostat that can be controlled with an app. My wife likes the house to be cold when she comes home. We also had a new security system installed from home-security.io. The system can be armed while we aren’t at home, and it can send an alert either by email or to our phones when it detects any trouble.

Sometimes my wife forgets to put the garage door down after she leaves home, so I installed a monitor that connects to our home network. If my wife forgets to put the door down, she can just use her phone to lower the door. The monitor is also set to send an alert to our phones if the door is left up after a certain period of time. I thought about setting the monitor to automatically close the door, but I figured that might have caused some unfortunate accidents.

The hardest thing to set up in our modern home was the control for the power in each room. Both my wife and I forget to turn off the lights and appliances when leaving a room. We had to call an electrician to do wiring for each room. The new wiring connected each room to a central hub that could also be accessed through our phones. We could turn off the television, the lights, or even the entire home through one press on the phone. We can also automate the home to turn on the lights during certain hours.

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