A Dad’s View on Hiring a Bridal Makeup Artist in London

It is sort of like the championship match. The last one. The deciding one that tells the world who is the best of all the teams. I am a dad, and I am comparing it to our daughter’s wedding. Hey, I have to use examples I am familiar with. Dad’s are like that. I knew it was her big day. She was going to have one of them, and it had to be perfect. This guy is the love of her life, and I knew this was for keeps. This is why we hired a bridal makeup artist in London for the big day.

We left nothing to chance. Even as a dad I knew that hair, makeup, clothes and shoes had to be perfect for the big event. Our daughter is absolutely beautiful without any makeup. You could dress her in farmer’s overalls and she is as pretty as her mother. And I am not the only one to say that. I know what you are thinking with me being the dad and all. Still, she wanted to look perfect for her wedding day photos. The bridal makeup artist in London did a wonderful job. I like seeing makeup that does not look made up.

The makeup artist was a real artist who understood how to even out skin tones and enhance natural beauty. There was no painted look at all. The photographer commented that this was the first bride he had where he did not have to do any post-processing editing of photos to remove flaws and blemishes and other things that brides do not want to see in their wedding day photographs. Of course my wife had her makeup done by the same person as well as our daughter’s new mother-in-law. They all looked stunningly fabulous and it was money well spent for the special day.

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